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Dancing with the Inner World

Freud considered dreams to the the "royal road to consciousness" and this is the foundation of the work we will do together to discern what treasures your dreamscapes offer that you can bring to consciousness and activate into daily life. Such a thing is life-changing and empowering.

There are three options to delve into this work each with their own benefits:

  • Individual sessions - allow for a deep-dive into your specific dreamworld. We will not only look into personal meaning-making, but add one or more intuitive approaches to help with clarification and cementing the lessons offered. 

  • Dream Circle - this is so much fun! A few folks get together weekly for six weeks to hold space, enkindle thought and stand under their dreams in a group setting. This is key - that being in a group offers a dynamic of universality and that the dream becomes part of the social matrix. What I find here is that people generally have dreams with a thread of similarity.




I learned a lot about my dreams, myself and my life and I would highly recommend to anyone who is interested in doing inner work. I felt comfortable expressing myself and Oraine's guidance, care, knowledge and attention to detail made the experience rewarding and worthwhile. I would definitely be interested in joining another Dream Circle in the future and the experience now has be thinking and questioning a lot.  


On Dream Circle:

This was a truly wonderful experience of learning, sharing in a safe environment and discovering that my dreams were actually informing me of particulars relating to my current life scenario. Actually recording my dreams, and learning how symbolic it can be and see bits and pieces came to pass in a sort of way.


On Dream Circle:

I appreciate the logic and sound reasoning, that can be found in the meanings of my dreams. It's not a random thing your brain do while sleeping, it's a legit message. Learning that dreams are really messages, there are no "nightmares", and not all symbols are as bad as they may seem.


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