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Natural Essences

I work with two amazing gifts from the plant world:
essential oils and Bach® flower essences
Two gifts of the psyche:
dreams and shadow


Essential oils have been a part of my life since 2006 while I was in the middle of my academic studies in Pennsylvania. Back then, I was apprenticed to a nurse and Master Gardener, who showed me the way of cooking with edible flowers (admittedly not something I enjoy to-date), infusing olive oils and sugars with herbs from her garden or the farmers market and blending essential oils. She also took me to my first lavender farm: Peace Valley!

From the start, I was exposed to quality oils and the full understanding of safety, a legacy I carry and the basis of the way I work and educate. With people having an interest in oils and the rampant availability of poor-quality information, multi-level-marketing schemes and overnight experts - appropriate knowledge for those who seek it can be invaluable and life-saving. Better yet, it helps with having a discerning and efficient experience with the oils.

I finally became a certified aromatherapist and am pleased to offer the Floracopeia brand of essential oils for sale. I also offer consultations to those who want to use the oils to help with mental health concerns (depression, anxiety, trauma), balancing in daily matters, support with PMS, cancer symptoms, insomnia - I can also blend products for your use and have my own line of products.

I look to sustainable use of the oils. Meaning, if I think there is something else that is a better fit for your need than oils, I will recommend within my scope of practice. I encourage using these beauties in a way that honours their value: not just in pricing, but the work put into growing the plants, obtaining the oils and understanding that less = more.

You are welcome to reach out with questions.

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When I decided to have magazines gracing my office, I naturally turned to the subscriptions that I loved and one was the now out-of-print Organic Style. Of course, I read them too.

There was an ad with these cute little bottles that caught my eye. These turned out to be the Bach remedies and though a tad skeptical, I went on to do the research about the system and its origins. After months of deliberating, I signed up for my Level One training.


Fast forward to that March in 2010: Next door to a Whole Foods in Florida, my teacher, Alicia, forged my love for these little miracles. I had already signed up for Level Two before I had even finished the first training. Randomly, the woman who sat next to me introduced me to the Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping), which I thought was confounding. I have since changed my mind! I completed my final Level 3 training and case studies in record time and have been working with the remedies since 2010.

From the moment I realised that the remedies could help with emotional concerns, I was ready to introduce them to clients - and clients have been instrumental in my continuing work with these floral vibrations from the earth. They have been very supportive - quite game really - to experiment with great success.

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