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Mary of Magdala Essence and/or Oil

Connecting with the symbolism of Mary Magdalene through the use of our plant allies.
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To celebrate the Feast Day of Mary Magdalene on July 22nd ,I have designed two glimmering items that feature essential oils and flower essences as my way of celebrating and honouring her.

Anointing/Blessing oil: A proprietary blend to sweep us back to a time in history when the world was on the precipice of spiritual and religious change. This blend includes: Jatamansi or Spikenard is the ointment that Mary anointed Jesus' feet at the meal at the House of Simon. Myrrh for inner stillness/peace and Rose for love , comfort of the heart and mind and other oils to harmonize. Together, they are excellent to bring in the energies I associate with The Magdalene as you go about your day or your prayers.

It will help with relaxation, insomnia,irritability and anxiety. 1oz amber dropper bottle. Topical use only.

Flower Essence: A proprietary blend of flower remedies and essential oil of Jasmine serves as a tonic to cast off the fog of the mind and refresh the heart - offering calm ,focus and a lifting of the weight of the world.

2oz spray mist. NOT for oral use!


My interest in Mary Magdalene was piqued back in 2001 during my undergraduate art history class. She was a passing topic amongst the array of artists and images we had to study and I wish now that I had done my final paper on her - but alas ,I chose the works of Eugene Delacroix whose work I enjoy to date. I liked watching the various artists interpretations of her and many ,many years later I procured a wonderful book of art about her.

My ensuing years were concerned with her less as a woman who was no longer considered a prostitute, not as a partner to Jesus, not as the Holy Grail , not as one of the women to find the tomb empty - but simply as a woman who was misunderstood for centuries, granted sainthood and was a spiritual scholar in my eyes. A secret-keeper for centuries. I found that she is one of many lost-and-found women in world history who deserve their wisdom to be learned and understood. Or at the very least their stories be told.

July 22nd is the Feast of Saint Mary Magdalene, the Apostle of the Apostles, as celebrated by the Catholic, Anglican,Lutheran and Eastern Orthodox Churches. It was in 2016 that Pope Francis shifted the day from a memorial to a feast in the Catholic tradition.
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